Mi Mamacita… Can’t Live Without That Woman

On today, Mother’s Day, can’t help but repost this blog/tribute to my mama from back in September.
I love you, “Mamamia”!
Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, grandmother, & to all you Mamas out there.
And a HUGE thank you to God to be here to celebrate this day with my Hubbie & kiddos that made me in that cool group we call “MOMS”!

Team Buna

my mama my friend

At age thirteen… and so on and so forth…it would have pained me to admit it, but it’s so true.  My mom is indeed now, and always has been … my best friend.  Yes, today is her birthday, so it’s cliché for me to say something like that, but seriously, I mean look at us…


I’m her mini-me.  I know it.  And yes, the immature adolescent in me that wants to be “unique and original” still rolls her eyes when people stop me on, what is literally a daily basis, to say how much I look like my mother. But I have to admit, it’s a compliment.  I mean, my mom’s a babe.  Just look at her.


I know, right?  And she hasn’t aged.  Seriously. The woman is timeless.  It’s some kind of freakish phenomenon.  What I don’t think she’ll ever understand is how amazing she really is.  Let’s…

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